Each breathalyzer should be calibrated from time to time. Every breathalyzer is calibrated during normal use, under the influence of various factors, as a result of which it does not fully indicate the correct results of the alcohol measurement in the exhaled air.

The breathalyser is calibrated in our certified laboratory. During this process, thanks to specialized calibration equipment, the breathalyser is restored to the database of standard measurements. By calibrating, you can be sure that the breathalyzer is indicating correctly.

Do you think that your breathalyzer requires servicing?
You can report quickly and conveniently using the form
breathalyser for calibration, repair or complaint:

Step 1

Fill in and submit our online application form. You will receive
a confirmation of your application with our postal address for shipping to your e-mail address.

Step 2

Insert the proof of purchase, the warranty card and the breathalyzer into the package. Protect the Breathalyzer from damage using a bubble envelope.

Step 3

Print the label with the shipping address received on the e-mail after completing the application form. Stick it on the parcel and send it to us from the nearest Polish Post Office.

Step 4

when we receive your package to the phone number given in the form you will receive an SMS with information about it.

Step 5

we will send you a calibrated breathalyzer together with a calibration report within 7-14 working days. We will also inform you about the shipment by SMS.

You can always contact our calibration laboratory at 663 000 633 or serwis@gtxscan.com.