GTX is a breathalyzer for everyone.

Best class electronics at an affordable price is the domain of our devices. GTX breathalysers are equipped with innovative electrochemical and semiconductor sensors. Our products are aimed at individual users who are looking for sobriety control solutions that can be used at home. GTX testers are certainly a good solution when we want to make sure that we are sober and do not endanger ourselves, our relatives and other road users.

Wide Spectrum

Is a broad-spectrum breathalyzer – it measures from 0 up to 4 per mille. It is an electrochemical breathalyzer with a platinum alcohol sensor, which guarantees reliable measurement with low error. The breathalyzer itself controls the correct functioning and the correct course of the sobriety check. The result is shown on a contrasting, clear display.


Precision, style, warranty

Is a skilful mix of attractive design and the latest measurement technology. Although small, even pocket-sized, it has great possibilities…


High quality and accuracy

Is an efficient breathalyzer that has been thought through in every detail. According to its name, it provides clever (smart) performance. The breathalyzer itself controls the correctness of the sobriety control, its operation and batteries.

On the box of the GTX Smart alcomat the country of origin was mistakenly indicated as Korea. GTX Smart is manufactured in China.