Breathalyzer GTX

is a skilful mix of attractive design and the latest measurement technology. Although small, even pocket-sized, it has great possibilities.

The tastefully designed housing made of robust plastic conceals high quality components and a stable electrochemical sensor for accurate results with a wide measuring range (0 to 4 per mille) and low error. These are shown on the easy-to-read device display.

The breathalyzer itself ensures the correct course of the sobriety check and controls the correct operation.

The breathalyzer is calibrated before packing and ready to use right out of the box. Also included are hygienic mouthpieces for repeated use by several people.

Technical Specification

  • indications: 0.00 ~ 4.00 ‰
  • accuracy: +/- 0,07‰ przy 0,5 ‰ w 25°C
  • sensor: electrochemical
  • power supply: : two 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries
  • Dimensions (W/HI/V): 47 x 114 x 24 mm
  • weight 84g with batteries
  • calibration: every 12 months or every 500 measurements
  • Required mouthpiece: yes
  • other: self-monitoring of the sensor operation, battery level control airflow control temperature protection


Calibration is a concept inherent in any breathalyser.
It means that every 12 months or 500 measurements, the breathalyser must be re-calibrated.
configure it to correctly interpret the wear indicator
you’re getting the sensor.